Telugu Web Series – Nandim and Avakai

What is Telugu Web Series? Simply put, Telugu Web Series is a live action web show that is aired on Zee Television Network India. Usually, the main characters of the story are from Telugu speaking regions of India. The story begins with a fictional story of a young boy who moves to New Delhi along with his family.

The boy happens to visit an arranged marriage between his old school friend and his good friend. The boy’s parents are quite disapproving of the event and try to stop it. But the arranged marriage goes through and the boy ends up falling in love with the girl. From there, the series follows the boy and his friends as they try to maintain their relationship with the girl, who becomes their primary focus as they go through various ups and downs. Each episode of the Telugu web series revolves around a different theme, which is based on real-life events.

Vaishnavi Chaitanya

Kvantu is a main character of the Telugu Web Series. He is a normal human boy who was born in India and has a bright future ahead of him. As a child, Kvantu attended the Brahmari Institute of Technology but dropped out due to financial problems and changed his path to a successful business in telecommunication. Kvantu’s friends are supportive of him in every move he makes in his new career but at the same time, they keep poking fun at his choice of livelihood. One day, Kvantu is shocked when his father asks him to take over the old job of his deceased friend’s son, Priya.

The plot of the Telugu web series revolves around the struggle between the son of a prominent family – Sivaraj – and his rivalry with the son of a wealthy merchant family – Krishna. Both families seek to unify their forces against each other. Aangil meanwhile, is a Telugu writer who comes from an indigenous family and goes to the city of Vizag to find work. He quickly takes to the city’s streets, where he practices the art of street selling and meets the girl who would become his soul mate – Nandim.

The story of the Telugu web series centers around the trials Sivaraj and Nandim undergo in order to achieve the ultimate goal of unifying their forces against their common enemy – Aangil. The directors of the series mainly focused on the dialogues and the development of the characters as well as the settings of the story to provide compelling drama. The cinematography of the series was done in the traditional Telugu style with the help of some Hollywood special effects.

Kvantu along with the other main characters of the Telugu web series – Krishna, Nandim and Sivaraj struggle to save their father’s cattle which have been captured by the cannibals. They are aided by an unexpected visitor from the land of Nanda (Kiran), who wants to help them. Though Krishna and Nandim initially do not trust each other, but gradually they begin to trust each other. The entire series consists of three main episodes – the first episode entitled „Nandim and Sivaraj“ has a gritty and dramatic conflict that depicts the two young lovers as the unlikely heroes. Sivaraj goes out to fetch the cattle while Krishna goes to Nanda’s place to sell it. The third episode titled „Nandim“ revolves around the cow-tending farm of Sivaraj’s brother, where Nanda finds a cow that is deformed due to some disease.

Another prominent Telugu web series casts is the story of Avakai, who travels to the mysterious country of Kovalam to find his long-lost love. Avakai has a tape recorder in which he carries all his thoughts, which include his plan to marry Asha, with whom he had been in love since childhood. His efforts to save her are foiled by her evil brother Venkat, who tries to poison Asha on an unsuspecting Asha. In the ensuing fight, Asha manages to kill Venkat. On her way back to Kovalam, she realizes that her beloved brother Ravi had disappeared and she plans to return there with her sister Divya, who has fallen in love with him.

Divya and Asha get separated from each other and Asha’s desire to meet Ravi again comes to pass when she meets him on the streets and expresses her desire to be together with him again. However, Ravi’s wicked nature sends her to a mental hospital where her sister Nandim stays along. There she realizes that she has to become a witch in order to seduce Ravi again. This Telugu web-series has an alluring plot that is full of fantasy and humor – the characters are excellent portrayals of the Telugu people.

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